About Us

Description: Better Days Ahead, Inc. (BDA) is a web-based giving ministry that offers support to meet people’s spiritual and material needs -- support that promotes biblical stewardship, and empowers people to grow in Christian devotion and discipline. Serving Philadelphia (PA) and beyond, our offerings include lessons, motivational messages/materials, prayer, microgrants, and online links to general resources.
Purpose/Mission: To communicate Christ with the world primarily through the medium of giving. To give in such a way that embodies Christ-centeredness and promotes His kingdom agenda. In that process, we also aspire to personify and model the empowerment that we seek for others.
Vision: To be an online community of over 10,000 believers living their fullest potential in Christian devotion and discipline.

Founders: After seeking God and learning of each other during our first year of marriage, we (Shayla and John Price III) began year two set on living a life of meaning and maximizing our relationship by uniting in a common cause. After much prayer, thought, struggle, trial and error, we realized a calling to pursue ministry in an area of mutual passion -- generosity. Shayla, primarily through her gifts of writing and administration. John, primarily through his gifts of teaching and mercy. Together, we are the Price Family with Better Days Ahead!