Many people spend life hoping until help arrives. We want to help until their hope arrives.

You've probably heard a lot of messages out there promising a better future. On one side is the constant push of media wooing us toward self-destruction. Illicit sex, drugs, violence -- you name it. On the other side are more progressive voices calling us to "self-salvation." Personal achievement, self-affirmation, moral excellence, enlightenment, or something thereabout.

We certainly do not condone the former, but on the proverbial sinking Titanic that is life apart from Jesus Christ, the latter does little more than add style points to the descent.

Our ministry is about pointing people to a more personal walk with God, through the cross of Christ; and contends that therein lies true salvation, meaning, security, and hope for a better future. Along the journey, BDA is here to encourage and empower you in the ways that we believe matter most. We humbly do that through videos, blog, prayer support, and generosity, taking no glory for the grace afforded us by Christ alone to do so. Yet we want to share that grace with others. So how does that start for you? We believe, through the Gospel.

And what is the Gospel? Well, whether or not you think you've heard it before, we'll let Propaganda (our brother in Christ) tell you in his own unique way:


Now, if that reached you, and you are ready to pursue the kind of relationship with God that realizes the hope you see in our logo, please follow the simple steps here:

Then of course, enjoy our resources as we look forward together to Better Days Ahead!