Rubber meeting road. Giver meeting need.

If the Gospel is the heart of our ministry, then the Generosity page would certainly be the hands. Through Generosity, we aim to share with others in the most meaningful and substantive ways possible. Above all, we hope that you recognize the living Christ through our giving and become empowered and inspired to do likewise.

Random Gift(s): random stuff that we share “just because”

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Focus Grant: support for BDA-specified needs or projects
Area of Focus: N/A

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Open Grant: support for requester-specified needs or projects

Each month, BDA looks to provide charitable support for areas of need and/or related projects as identified by applicants. (Examples of projects we've supported in the past include: evangelistic outreach for urban homeless community; merit-based support for persons in severe financial hardship; and support for economic development project in exploited poverty-stricken tribal community.) If you have a qualifying need or project, you may be considered for support of up to $500.
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Important Considerations:
  • Resources are limited, and demand is high, so BDA can only support a limited number of projects. We only support projects that are consistent with biblical values and priorities. We only field requests for monetary support as described above (please do not contact us in any other manner to request financial support).
  • BDA may modify its criteria at any time or make allowances for special cases, and reserves final say over resource allocation.
  • Though anyone is welcome to apply, we prioritize requests reflecting what we determine to be the highest need, greatest impact, and broadest reach – we generally do not provide resources for the same entity (person, household, organization, project, etc.) more than once every 180 days.
  • Please pray for us that God would enlarge our territory so that we may give even more abundantly and responsibly!