About Our Banner
More about our logo:

Looking at our banner, you may have noticed some obvious themes of optimism, guidance and direction. There is more to the story.

Beginning with the ultimate end in mind, we depicted the descending Heavenly city (Revelation 21:2) to represent the blessed future hope of those who trust in God and follow Jesus Christ on their life's journey. Though the path leading there appears sublime and trouble-free, it is not an allusion to ease, but to the “way leading to life” as Jesus described in Matthew 7:13-14. As a ministry, we promise no smooth sailing -- we are just here to remind people of the promise and to offer guidance and support along the way. Blank characters represent “whosoever will” (Revelation 22:17), even though we all come with baggage – baggage that Jesus would have us relinquish to Him (Matthew 11:28, 1 Peter 5:7). Finally, to be clear, it is Jesus Himself, and not BDA, who ultimately does the saving and empowering.

What this all should convey to you:

don’t waste your life;

this earth is not home, we’re just pilgrims passing through;

and as corny as it may sound, Jesus still saves.

Just thought you’d want to know the story.